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Research Projects - Portfolio

The following list of research titles showcases the types of projects Aylward Research Services has completed over the last 13 years. Final research reports are intellectual property of the contractor and are not available through this website. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the research projects listed please contact us.

Northern Alberta Colleges - Graduate Outcomes - Ongoing Annual (2006-2019)

Northern Alberta Colleges - Student Satisfaction Surveys - Ongoing Annual (2006-2019) 

Branding the Peace Country - A Definition of Agricultural Quality (2006)

The Transportation of Peace Country Grains (2006)

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Counselling (2007)

Foreign Direct Investment: Issues and Opportunities for Northwest Alberta Agriculture (2007)

Branding the Peace Country - Ready for Retail (2007) (Video attached)

Shadow Populations in Northern Alberta - Part 1 Quantification (2007)

Shadow Populations in Northern Alberta - Part 2 Social Impact (2008)

The Need for A Social Work Diploma in the North (2008)

Defining Quality for Peace Country Agriculture - Nutritional Analysis (2009)

Northwest Alberta Youth Program and Services Review (2010)

Recruitment Strategies for Northern Alberta Colleges (2011)

Voices From Youth - What Do They Want From Community Services (2012)

Northwest Alberta Accessing the Northwest Trade Corridor - Prince Rupert Port (2013)

Think Local Market - Survey of E-Commervce Users (2014)

Municipal Census - Northwest Alberta Region (2015)

Northwest Alberta - Central Peace Family & Community Services (2015)

Mackenzie County Business Survey - Outcomes and Next Steps (2016)

Northwest Alberta - MD of Peace - Strategic Development (2017)

Northwest Alberta - Town of Grimshaw - Strategic Development (2017) 

Northwest Alberta - Village of Rycroft - Strategic Development (2018)

Municipal Census - Mackenzie County (2018)

Northwest Alberta Commodities - Agriculture (2018)

Northwest Alberta - Northern Sunrise County - Strategic Development (2019)

Northwest Alberta Commodities - Oil & Gas (2019) 

Northwest Alberta Commodities - Forestry (In Progress 2020)

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